Welcome to www.fb.com.sa

About the Default Website

Welcome to your Alentus default website. This site is automatically created for every new domain or sub-domain. This site serves as a test of each new web domain, and also as a example of using the standard components that are available on our servers.

You may use the source code from this site as a starting point for creating your own pages, or you may remove these files entirely if you have a site ready to load. The following sections describe more about the test pages included with this site.

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ASP Scripting Support

This site supports ASP scripting. The ASP test script is an example of a simple ASP program. In this case, the script queries a few properties of the "Request.ServerVariables" object.

ASP is a powerful tool and can be used for many purposes. Typically, ASP is used for creating data driven websites, interactive forms and other features found on a dynamic website.

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